MarketingPRO encourages on-field training. As from day one it is possible to get to the heart of vibrant research field actions, to gradually assume projects responsibility, under the soft-leadership of senior colleagues acting as experienced guide lights towards professional growth: we train brilliant consultants, not just clerks!

The training model is based on tutoring as a means of sharing content and corporate’s values. During the tutoring phase, each new member learns about the various competences, operational tools and procedures relating to the consulting activity.

Our daily tutoring stimulates the development of important soft-skills (i.e. analytical, testing, multi-cultural, project management, presentation, etc..) crucial to achieve added-value results for our customers and for the company itself.

Continuous training is not only related to a “learning-by-doing” process at the workplace. Every year, MarketingPRO makes available a significant budget to be invested on personalized training courses, tailored on the career-plans.


Global49+ World Markets

MarketingPRO action is spread over 49 countries worldwide, covering the most dynamic markets across Emea, Americas and Asia-Pacific.