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Is your company ready to face the global challenges posed by E-mobility growing business? Is your company able to play an active role in the global move to electrified, connected and automated transports?

If your answer is yes, then you understand that E-mobility represents a key paradigm shift in line with standards of greater sustainability, safety and modernity. If your answer is no, then you may reason that  E-Mobility is going to “revolutionize” the transport system as a whole, in line with criteria of greater energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, safety, accessibility, connectivity and automation. In fact, the automotive industry is facing a great challenge in order to be compliant with the regulatory emission framework, but also in order to meet the new customers’ demand for a more efficient and environmental friendly mobility as well as for better safety and increased machines uptime.

So, whatever the answer is, MarketingPRO is your ideal partner!

Nowadays, E-vehicles still have certain limitations like reduced range, weak charging infrastructure, high purchase price. It’s essential, therefore, that mobility makes (car manufacturers and suppliers of components), energy and service companies as well as public and government institutions, cooperate to support E-Mobility success. MarketingPRO’ s contribution goes to identify most valuable competitive and trend information in such a scenario, by considering market peculiarities and key players role.

Moreover, the importance and the need of both national and local incentives in order to exploit the maximum potential of development, can be underlined even if we consider the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), considering the whole life-cycle of the vehicles. Despite the higher initial investment, the electric solution has some advantages both in terms of fuel and maintenance cost. MarketingPRO is keen to provide in-depth informative support, by providing up-to-date vehicle-life data analysis and by identifying profit opportunities in the aftersales competitive arena.

Why are MarketingPRO E-mobility Potential Forecasts and TCO Analysis so distinctive? It’s all about the followings:

• In-depth and comprehensive scenario definition.

• Strong know-how of the automotive aftersales business.

• Use of proprietary engineering experts and market operators granting local market presence.

• IT technical updates & cutting-edge analytical systems.

• Avantgarde and multitasking market approach.

• High-end data analysis and reporting.

• Full data demonstrability (i.e. invoices, quotes, offers, etc.) for Customers’ peace of mind.

• Simultaneous multi-market analysis.

• Tangible results matched with safe deadlines.