MarketingPRO is the right tool in the hands of winning global players.

We supply industry outlooks and offer a wealth of ideas, strategic inputs, experiences and insights to keep our customers constantly updated about market trends, recent developments and competitive positioning. At MarketingPRO, we are able to focus on key topics, core issues, and industrial mega-trends, providing realistic and in-depth market analysis and strategic inputs.
As the effects of economic uncertainty continue to reverberate throughout the fast-moving-consumer-goods industry, consumers are still attempting to ease budgetary strains and embrace a wide variety of money-saving strategies. Main industry indicators predict that shoppers will remain frugal in next years, despite continuing signs of economic recovery. In such scenario, players should closely track the evolving competitive set at the channel and retail level to ensure appropriate alignment of distribution strategies. Manufacturers aim continuous re-assessment and adjustment of pricing to maintain optimal price gaps between private label and proper brand offerings. On their turn, retailers shall adopt everyday pricing strategies that underscore their value proposition and rely on promotional pricing to address short-term/tactical actions.
MarketingPRO services give tangible contribution to improve the knowledge of the competitive environment and to implement marketing and pricing strategies to enhance customers competitiveness and profits opportunities.

We have developed dedicated and specific skills in the following areas of service:

  • Intelligence re. shelf pricing and competitive positioning.
  • Intelligence re. promotional campaigns offers.
  • Sales channel analysis.
  • Mystery shopping & phantom test.
  • Industry monitor & SWOT analysis.
  • Market-driven pricing models.
  • Price elasticity & sensitivity grids.
  • Market potential analysis.
  • Customer segmentation
  • Marketing planning.


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MarketingPRO action is spread over 49 countries worldwide, covering the most dynamic markets across Emea, Americas and Asia-Pacific.

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MarketingPRO is the Global Competitive Intelligence Consultancy, supporting international companies with market researches around the world.