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Think strategically. Plan accurately. Act successfully

Is your company keen on the importance of preparing detailed marketing planning?

In fact, companies demand clear strategies, strategies require punctual planning, and the planning goes into effective actions.
If your answer is yes, then you recognize that identifying competitive advantages, gaining commitment to the strategy, getting resources needed to investments, setting clear objectives and measuring performances are fundamental topics to let your company win the war before engaging in the first battle. If your answer is no, then you might suspect that without planning, a company is like a traveler with no map: there will be lots of twists and turns and waste of time. You'll end-up bouncing from place to place, probably hardly reaching any of the targets that you wanted. Additionally, you can be certain that you will have missed a number of potential opportunities.
So, whatever the answer is, MarketingPRO is your ideal partner!

MarketingPRO is glad to support Clients finding, building and sustaining their growth opportunities. Our experience suggests that the right, and less risky strategic decisions rely on better information and analysis: this is why fact-based marketing planning is the key factor to win the market challenge.

Thanks to our multi-year global experience in the Automotive, Trucks, Agriculture, Construction and Handling Equipment industries, etc.. you will benefit from data-driven, accurate marketing planning, helping your company to develop and capitalize on marketplace opportunities.

Why are MarketingPRO planning so distinctive? It’s all about the followings:

  • Customized planning to achieve concrete outcome goals.
  • Objective and measurable focus on the success factors.
  • Specialized skills and expertise combining with external perspective.
  • Accurate definition of the six steps (analysis, objectives, strategy, tactics, budget and controls).
  • Data-driven and candid assessment of Client’s current and prospective operating environment.
  • Draw sustainable and profitable routes.
  • Prevent of time-wasting on ineffectual marketing activities.
  • Policies and procedures definition.
  • Specific tasks description and externalization (organizational, procurement, etc..)
  • Multi-market, global approach.
  • Minimum start-up time for new / challenging markets / businesses.
  • Metrics and KPI review: high-end monitoring and reporting.
  • Top-notch presentation capabilities and results discussion at leading Customers.
  • Tangible results matched with safe deadlines.
  • Best-in-class Customers retention.


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MarketingPRO action is spread over 49 countries worldwide, covering the most dynamic markets across Emea, Americas and Asia-Pacific.

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MarketingPRO is the Global Competitive Intelligence Consultancy, supporting international companies with market researches around the world.