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Is your company a best performer when it comes to navigating uncharted markets, approaching faraway cultures and shaping how to go international?

Globalization is not a buzzword for economists any longer: there’s plenty of new business opportunities that can be spotted abroad!

If your answer is yes, then you recognize the importance to track globalization’s opportunities, identifying the master-plan for internationalization. Relying on solid decision criteria for correct entry strategies, in fact, sets the difference between success and failure. If your answer is no, then you probably miss a structured process to identify the most attractive markets, prioritize viable distribution alternatives and assess options for growth.
So, whatever the answer is, MarketingPRO is your ideal partner!

MarketingPRO supports your company by defining the right entry strategy on foreign markets while preparing your management for the opportunities and risks involved with such decisions. Our global experience and direct field presence, enables us to identify and anticipate potentialities and complexities of new markets. Be it the definition of the internationalization process, the choice between an export or an acquisition-based approach or the selection of the right distribution channels, MarketingPRO expert team of consultants is there to assist: your company’s internationalization is the aim, international marketing is the guide.

Why are MarketingPRO New Markets Entry Strategies so distinctive? It’s all about the followings:

  • Support customers by defining actionable implementation plans.
  • Gather and assess competitor data to benchmark competitor strategies.
  • Assess market specific entry options.
  • Discover new growth opportunities by examining market priorities and distribution channels.
  • Specialized skills and expertise combining with external perspective.
  • Validate current thinking and assumptions using structured analytical process.
  • Draw sustainable and profitable routes.
  • Prevent of investment wasting, avoiding “scattergun approach”.
  • Evaluation of specific risks and opportunities.
  • Multi-market, global approach.
  • Minimum start-up time for new / challenging markets / businesses.
  • Top-notch presentation capabilities and results discussion at leading Customers.
  • Tangible results matched with safe deadlines.
  • Best-in-class Customers retention.


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MarketingPRO action is spread over 49 countries worldwide, covering the most dynamic markets across Emea, Americas and Asia-Pacific.

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MarketingPRO is the Global Competitive Intelligence Consultancy, supporting international companies with market researches around the world.