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49 world markets, 90 fields

International Network

MarketingPRO action is spread over 49 countries worldwide, covering the most dynamic markets across Emea, Americas and Asia-Pacific. We rely on a growing team of 90+ exclusive fields. That is our international network.
MarketingPRO is actively present in different industries like Passenger-cars, Construction Equipment, Motorbike, Chemical, Grocery, etc.. over the most dynamic markets, world-wide. Other geographies/industries can be promptly activated by MarketingPRO upon specific Customer request, thus showing fast reaction-time and limited start-up costs. MarketingPRO is able to set-up research activities in several countries simultaneously: we are keen to satisfy our global Clients intelligence and consulting needs, in accordance to the political, economic, social and technological issues, typical of each market. We track and identify the main drives at the base of the competition, for the leading advantage of our Customers.

Field Organization

We, at MarketingPRO, keep on investing huge resources in the development of our own international network of field consultants, specialized by geography/industry, with the aim of enhancing our service and consulting capacity. Started as a small group of fields across Europe, the field network is now spread over 6 continents. Our fields are local professionals, qualified researchers and industry experts: each field is regularly visited by MarketingPRO executives for training, coordination and monitoring of operating procedures. They are the operating fingers of MarketingPRO.
The development of a worldwide proprietary fields’ organization, allows MarketingPRO to be present in many markets quickly, flexibly, professionally and with lower costs. MarketingPRO, in fact, is not burdened by expensive foreign subsidiaries, for the benefit of our Customers.

About us

About usScientific Marketing

MarketingPRO is the Global Competitive Intelligence Consultancy, supporting international companies with market researches around the world.