Pricing Digitalization

Willing to upgrade your pricing process based on new technologies?

BenchPRO® is the custom-made, flexible software designed to re-organize your pricing methods, in the era of Digital Organizations.


Competitive intelligence

Willing to drive competitive patterns?

Our competitive intelligence services develop the appropriate analytic tools to take informed decisions.


Strategic marketing

Willing to exploit your market potential?

MarketingPRO supports successful companies to develop a comprehensive set of strategy and actions to improve sales and revenues.


Pricing consulting

Willing to realize your profit potential?

MarketingPRO offers consultancy for Value Based and Market-driven price optimization: more revenues out of improved positioning.


Strengths & Advantages for Clients

Find more about unbeatable USPs, at the base of our promise to Customers!

Market spread

MarketingPRO offers wide and consolidated global presence, in 49+ markets (Emea, Americas, Asia-Pacific) through a network of 90+ exclusive fields. MarketingPRO is actively present in different… [+]

Own fields network

MarketingPRO relies on exclusive and proprietary field consultants directly selected, briefed and controlled. By choice, we do not link with partner companies, that are less controllable and… [+]

Multiple industry

Our team matured consulting projects experience at different Customers across several industries like construction equipment, passenger cars, chemicals, building industry and others. We bring… [+]

​Service approach

We supply tailor-made service, according to Customers’ perspective. Especially regarding our intelligence projects, we perform surveys under different angles: end-user customers, industrial… [+]

Data analysis

MarketingPRO's renowned promise is built-on the scientific-approach at the base of what we do. Not only it applies to market researching: it also distinguishes the way we read and analyze the… [+]

​Safe dead-lines

MarketingPRO plans appropriate time-lines, challenging thus feasible, and respect them: this is much appreciated by Clients, who can rely on tangible results, based on measurable, specific and… [+]

Results Improvement

Competitive positioning improvement, pricing strategy evolution, optimization of marketing investment, identification of main CSFs (Competitive Success Factors) together with profit &… [+]

​Value for money

MarketingPRO makes available unbeatable service precision (demonstrable at any time), sound proven preparation and vast intelligence / pricing consulting expertise, offered at highly competitive… [+]

We are proud to supply the most successful companies, by industry!

Corporate News


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Tailor-made price benchmarking has never been easier: find the key to successful pricing!

BenchPRO® is the custom-made, flexible tool designed to get the most out of competitive data analysis, in perspective of optimal price positioning.