How to improve your competitiveness through multi-year pricing analysis

Is your company able to assess pricing movements over the years, taking advantage of changes and turmoil (i.e. monetary, tariffs, etc.) caused by global connected economy trends?

If your answer is yes, then you understand the importance of setting multi-year price researches, representing a great way to fully understand the pricing dynamic and adapt your actions accordingly. Indeed, global industries (i.e. automotive, chemical, energy, etc.) are directly interested by political tensions, tariffs, trade barriers and so on; in all these situations, prices are rapidly moving with unclear pattern.

If your answer is no, you anyway recognize that price researches provide fundamental snapshots, showing the competitive framework only in a precise moment; what companies actually aim to is the deployment of such situation over time, in order to able to assess how the competitive framework might change over the year and for what reasons (legislation, increased costs, political change). Insofar, MarketingPRO is keen on providing such long-term support, through its proprietary and stable network of industry experts, capable to undergo such multi-year assignment.

So, whatever the answer is, MarketingPRO is your ideal partner! Download: CaseStudy_PEA

With its Price-Evolution services and analysis, MarketingPRO is capable to provide with powerful tool to set your pricing in the correct manner, keep nurturing the responsible management with “fresh competitors’ data” coming out of the market.

Why are MarketingPRO Price-Evolution services so distinctive? It’s all about the followings:

• Correct and precise “apple-to-apple” benchmarking.

• Consistent and proof-able face-to-face detections made at target operators.

• Use of proprietary industry experts and operators granting local market presence.

• Collected data cross-check for 100% solid information.

• Full data demonstrability, for Customers’ peace of mind, made available through invoices, quotes etc.

• Simultaneous multi-market surveys.

• Flexibility to undergo mixed methodologies (physical, phone detections, desk researches, etc.).

• Minimum start-up time for new / challenging markets.

• High-end data analysis and reporting.

• Top-notch presentation capabilities and results discussion at leading Customers.

• Tangible results matched with safe deadlines.

• In-depth and comprehensive scenario definition.

• Strong know-how of the automotive aftersales business.


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