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MarketingPRO specializes in E-mobility competitive intelligence!

The 2019 edition of Nobel Prize for chemistry has been awarded to three scientists (Goodenough, Whittingham and Yoshino) “for the development of lithium-ion batteries”, used in the electric vehicles. Further confirmation of the significant importance of electric mobility in today’s world.

But how much do we know about electric vehicles? For example, what is the total cost of ownership of an electric or hybrid car? Are electric and hybrid car owners forced to go to official dealerships for service? Or, rather, are Independent workshops reacting and offering a competitive solution?

Electric and hybrid vehicles are almost an everyday reality on our roads, but the radical change they are bringing into the automotive industry is probably less visible, but more impactful. The combination of electric and hybrid engines with the ongoing informatization, automatization, and connectivity inside vehicles will change dramatically customer expectations and needs.

Therefore, manufacturers and suppliers will rethink their business model in order to manage the changes across the dimensions of the "EASY" (Electric, Autonomous, Shared and Yearly updated) model.

The automotive value chain will no longer end at the factory doors; it will rather extend across all types of usages over the entire lifetime of the vehicle. Software-based, direct interaction with every user will lead to higher revenues over the lifecycle of the customer relationship.          

But, are OEMs able to fully understand the new opportunities and threats deriving from such a scenario? How complete is the comprehension of OEMs, regarding the choices of competitors on these new trends?

MarketingPRO is specialized in providing market research tailored on the newest movements inside the automotive industry, following the “EASY” approach.

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