The positive impact of COVID-19 on Motorcycle Market

With the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 still having a radical impact on our life in this summer of 2021, forcing Governments to set up a number of regulations and restrictions to the movement of people, deciding how to spend the holiday period after such a long and difficult year is not easy, and many people have decided to go for an option they (probably) would have not considered before.

In this context it is explained the positive performance of the Motorcycle market in 2021. To testify this is worth not only to cite the spectacular increase in sales versus previous year (+35,3%), but also the absolutely positive performance in respect to a “normal” year like 2019, +1,7%.

Specifically, this performance is not (or not only at least) driven by e-scooters or city motorbikes, but by real motorcycles, whose displacement is higher than 300cc, too; this to signal that in 2021 motorbikes are not “only” a comfortable mean of transport to commute or short journeys, but also a way to enjoy free-time and, possibly, holidays.

Moreover, looking at the customers to whom such bikes are sold, we see that more than half of it (57% of the total) are “new riders”, so people who did not have a motorbike or a scooter before this year, and start right now in using the two-wheels.

This trend is also facilitated by the entrance in the European market of many Chinese brands (Zontes, Voge, NIU, just to name a few), that are capable of offering attractive bikes with medium displacement and very competitive pricing.

To sum up, we may be at the dawn of a new era for motorbikes, with a customer who is not more easily taggable as “rider”, who would most probably disregard big bikes (1-liter displacement and more) to opt for the more manageable 300/400cc engines, less fond of pricey details and very much oriented towards favorable fuel consumption and easy maintenance.

This trend is though undermined by two negative factors that threaten the automotive segment as a whole: the increasing costs of shipping (especially maritime shipment, as the ones from China), and the scarcity of key electrical components, due to the crisis of semi-conductors. If Motorcycle brands will be able to overcome such difficulties, 2021 may be a year of rebirth for the two-wheels.

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